About Us

We are a team of leathercraft grandmasters.

Every single piece created in our atelier carries one piece from the soul of his master crafter.
Vintage Leather Co will carry over the heritage western hand-stitched leather craftsmanship techniques to next decades.
We are not creating everyday products.Frankly, ours is not another notebook on your desk - it will never be.
We are creating unique user experience for calligraphers, sketch artist, interior designers,writing professionals,architects and for many experts in their fields.
We listen to them , we work with them and we create for them


We surprised many times as we seen 'some rustic' - 'some vintage' etc notebooks being advertised on the internet with "big words" in reality the stitching and the quality of the leather is nothing but piece of junk.
Our craftsmanship is being appreciated by the other leather crafters in the industry thus the products are being a subject to compliments each time they displayed in audiences.You will feel similar appreciation as you will first time physically touch to a Vintage Leather Co. product.You will the heritage behind it.
We are confident with every piece came out from our atelier will stand out proudly representing the hard work of the masters behind it.
Our products carrying the integrity of its producers in which we always choose the best available leather and our technique of hand-sewing is superior to any other machine sewing technique.

We believe our leather pieces are timeless as the distressed vintage leather never goes out of style




Thank you for choosıng us

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